PHOTOS Jenelle Evans gives birth to daughter Ensley

Jenelle Evans gives birth to daughter Ensley

The wait is over! Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans gave birth to her daughter Ensley Jolie Eason earlier today and she and dad David Eason took to social media to share the first photos.

Jenelle broke the news moments ago on Instagram with a photo of her, daughter Ensley, and dad David along with the caption “And she has arrived. ??” Here’s the picture:

Jenelle Evans baby daughter Ensley David Eason

Jenelle then tweeted “Let the collection of baby girl bows begin! she’s so precious and beautiful. I’m so in love with her already! Happy and healthy! ???”

Less than an hour later, proud pop David shared the Instagram photo of Jenelle holding Ensley at the top of this post. “I’m so proud of you babe!” he gushed. Thank you for being so strong, you did so great! Ensley is so beautiful and perfect!”

We don’t have many more details about Ensley at this time (Time of birth, weight, length, etc.) but we will be sure to update as soon as we hear more.

Congratulations to Jenelle and David. Her pregnancy journey has been a long, complicated, and extremely stressful one for her — and comes after suffering a miscarriage in April.

UPDATE – More photos!

Jenelle Evans gives birth to daughter Ensley

Jenelle Evans and David Eason with baby daughter Ensley

David Eason with daughter Ensley

David Eason with daughter Ensley

David Eason holding Ensley

UPDATE – It sure didn’t take long for the “hatters” to chime in. “Anything to show your boobs,” one young lady tweeted in reaction to the announcement. Another mom responded by defending Jenelle. “You must not have kids. When you are about to have the baby most women want skin to skin contact as soon as the baby comes out so the nurses unbutton your gown so they can place baby on your bare chest. Dont be rude!”

The original tweeter was unfazed. “yeah I don’t skin contact of course but her boobs are fake. Not much milk.” And another response from the mother: “hun you are missing the point. Breastfed or not! Babies thrive on skin to skin contact. So if you request it nurses lay newborns on your chest as soon as they are born. Its soothing to baby.”

Jenelle herself then responded: “Well I’m breastfeeding as we speak soooo …”

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