LHHH Teairra and Cisco reportedly dating for Season 4–unless he’s hooking up with LHHATL’s Tommie?

LHHH Teairra and Cisco 2

Rumors regarding Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Teairra and Cisco of LHHNY have been swirling for weeks. The two are supposedly dating on the DL as a major part of Teairra’s storyline for LHHH Season 4. Hollywood has certainly gone down the crossover road before; Moniece Slaughter’s story for Season 2 focused on her tumultuous relationship with Cisco’s fellow LHHNY cast member and Creep Squad companion Rich Dollaz before the two broke off their engagement in the finale.

However, it’s curious that there’s so little out there about the couple, given that the tea on their relationship spilled a full season ago:

LHHTea has been spot-on with spoilers and advance gossip from way back (including, most recently, a treasure trove of news from the LHHATL Season 6 reunion), so their credibility isn’t the issue. It’s possible that Teairra and Cisco simply weren’t working out on camera, and that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s producers decided to ditch the pair in favor of another idea.

As eagle-eyed fans have pointed out, though, Teairra was absent fron the second-most episodes of any LHHH cast member during Season 3 (Masika missed the most). So it’s also possible that the producers have been struggling to find a story for Teairra, period–which, as BestRealityBlog claims, has also been the case with Nia Riley.

Cisco further complicated matters–and raised a whole bunch of eyebrows–when he shared this photo of himself, his daughter, and LHHATL’s Tommie just a few days ago. (Judging by the comments, most fans thought that the girl was Tommie’s daughter and that Cisco was acknowledging Tommie is his baby mama–so there’s clearly a lot of relationship confusion out there in the Love & Hip Hop world.)

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One more bit of noteworthy LHHH Season 4 gossip: BestRealityBlog further reports that the Creep Squad *will* in fact be back for LHHNY Season 8–but that Cisco has yet to confirm his own return. It’s unlikely that Teairra and Cisco would become castmates in Hollywood, but, given that at least one other member of the Love & Hip Hop family appears to be switching cities, there’s precedent for Cisco to do so, as well.

LHHH Season 4 drops July 17th on VH1.

(Photo credits: Teairra and Cisco via Instagram)

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