Teen Mom official soundtrack drops today

Official graphic for the Teen Mom Soundtrack

One of the things we don’t get to talk enough about in regards to Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are the songs used on the program and how they often play a pivotal role in driving the mama-drama. All that’s changing now as MTV has announced the release of the official Teen Mom Soundtrack featuring songs used during the highly successful cable show.

The soundtrack is available exclusively through iTunes here and all proceeds for purchases made until July 17, 2012 will go to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Here is the 12 song track list that is listed for $7.99 followed up with a complete version of each song so you can have a firm idea of what to expect.

As you can see, the list sadly doesn’t include Joe Rivera, alias, N.I.C.K. B’s “Unthinkable Remix” or the only song devoted to a Teen Mom inanimate object in the form of Corey Simms’ West Virginia ball cap, but it is a great mix. Check it out!

“This Is Me Being Honest” by E For Explosion

“Give Me Resurrection” by  The Wealthy West

“Nothing Real Can Last Forever” by Automatic Empire

“Rise & Fall” by One Hundred Paces

“Bigger Than Us” by Lennon Sloane

“Take My Hand” by Ian Love

“Tell Me You Love Me” (live) by Desert Noises

“Hard to Believe” by Andy Davis

“Until We Head Into the Stars” by Dave Thomas Junior

“Raise My Hands” by Blackchords

“On the Other Side” by The Rocketboys

“There’s a Light” by Jay Malinowski

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the original full albums or music from the performers listed, click on any of their linked-highlighted names to do so.

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