VIDEO Unborn baby’s swift kick saved daddy’s life

Man saved by baby's kick

Millions of daddies over thousands of years have experienced the incredible joy of feeling their little one kick in their mommy’s womb. A man named Thomas from Canton, GA might be the first, however, to have had his life literally saved by a swift boot from his unborn child!

Last weekend Sarah McDonald was woken from her slumber by a karate kick from her 7 1/2-month-old yet-to-be-born baby son, Cameron. Upon awakening she got the scare of her life when she realized her husband was purple and without a heartbeat. She tried to perform CPR and when that proved unsuccessful she contacted the police. Before I continue with the rest of the amazing story, here is a video report from CBS Atlanta (may load slowly):

When the police arrived they found Thomas unconscious and not breathing. One of the officers said:

“He appeared deceased. We didn’t have a pulse. He wasn’t breathing.”

The police began to administer CPR but weren’t certain if he would make it. After 3 dozen chest compressions, Thomas came to. His wife was emotional when discussing the frightening night:

It’s like my baby saved my husband’s life.” She added, “We already lost one baby. I couldn’t lose him.”

So what do you think? Is it possible that Cameron’s kick was more than just a coincidence. For you moms out there, did you ever believe that your little oven-bun was communicating to you from the womb?

As the report stated, Thomas is going to be okay and will be around for the birth of the son to whom he already owes a big one!

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