POLICE REPORT Nathan Griffith arrest details: allegedly choked ex Jessica Henry

Nathan Griffith August 2016 arrest

As we reported yesterday, Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith was arrested in Myrtle Beach, SC yesterday and is currently facing felony charges of burglary and domestic violence. We now have the incident report that led to Nathan’s arrest, which includes a frightening account from his ex-girlfriend Jessica Henry claiming that he snuck in while she was sleeping, “jumped on top of her and pinned her down” before yelling at her and choking her!

According to the police report, the incident took place on Sunday, August 14 in the residence that Jessica and Nathan had shared up until approximately a month ago. Here is the full narrative from the police incident report:

On 8/14/2016 at approximately 0426 hours, I responded to ____ ________ Drive in reference to an assault.

Upon arrival, the victim said she was asleep in her bed when the offender came in her home and jumped on top of her and pinned her down and started to yell at her saying “Be with me!” and yelling “Look who is trying!” She said the offender then started to choke her. She said while she was being choked, she started to gagging and was in extreme pain.

She said the offender choked her until the point where she could not breathe. She said once the offender left [sic] go she got him calmed down and he left in an unknown direction.

The victim said the door must have been unlocked, but the offender was not invited over.

The victim said that they have lived together before in the past for about 2 months at the incident location. The offender does not live there and gave his key up a month prior to the incident.

I ran a criminal history check on the offender and had no prior domestic charges.

The victim did not have marks on her neck, but pictures were taken and will be dropped the recordings file.

CPL. Walker was notified of the incident.

I will be going to the Clerk of Courts in pursuit of a warrant for the offender.

I entered a warrant for domestic violence 2nd into NCIC with NIC# W476987021.

The victim was given the report number and a victim’s assistance report.

Nothing else further at this time.

There is no mention in that initial report of what led to the felony burglary charge.

Nathan’s friend (and rumored girlfriend after the two took a trip to Ohio together last month and shared Periscope videos along the way) Mariah Worth tweeted and deleted a couple messages this weekend that may be referencing Nathan’s altercation with Jessica. Here are two examples of her deleted tweets:

The psychotic things that mental girls do after break ups to their exes makes me so sick .

I hate when people have family in law enforcement threaten “I know a cop so don’t mess with me” ..Jesus is watching and will get you worse

So far, there has been no reaction from Jenelle on social media.

UPDATE – The lack of reaction from Jenelle on social media is now official, as evidenced from her reaction on social media:

According to court records, it looks as though Nathan posted two surety bonds in the amounts of $20,000 and $30,000. (What’s odd to me is that the “domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature” charge had the lesser $20,000 bond?)

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