TEEN MOM Gary Shirley’s stepdad Jody is in induced coma because of coronavirus

Just weeks after Teen Mom OG‘s Gary Shirley revealed his mom Carol was sick with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, he has sadly revealed that his stepdad Jody Patterson is now so sick with the virus that he has to be hospitalized, and is currently in an induced coma. In one bright spot, however, Gary’s mother is now on the mend.

“Please continue to pray for my family,” Gary asked in an Instagram caption of a montage of . “Jody (my stepdad) was rushed to the hospital a few days ago with very low levels of oxygen. He was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit and diagnosed with Covid-19 & Pneumonia. He is receiving plasma, a new clinical trial drug and on a breathing machine in hopes to fight this virus. As you can imagine this is very difficult on my family.”

On Sunday Gary’s mom Carol provided an update on Facebook about Jody’s conditin worsening. “Hello everyone the update for Jody Patterson today they are putting him into an induced coma deep sleep and putting him on a ventilator,” Carol said. “We still need everyone’s prayers. God is a miracle-working God. Thank you everyone for all the prayers.”

“Update on my mom….” he continued. “She is getting stronger everyday and on the mend.” Gary, his wife Kristina, and their family have been vigilant about social distancing from his mom and Jody to help prevent the spread of the virus to their daughter, who is immunocompromised. They dropped off some food for her on Mother’s Day, but could not visit him. Gary’s mom came down with COVID-19 because she was unable to stay home from her job as an essential worker.

For most of his life Gary Shirley thought Jody was his biological father. He only found out in 2018, after a cheek swab DNA test, that Jody was not his real dad. Gary did find his real bio-dad, a man named Mike, but nothing can change the fact that Jody raised Gary and their relationship as a family.

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