Amber Portwood asks to go back to prison instead of returning to drug court program

Teen Mom Amber Portwood

Very troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood shocked an Indiana courtroom earlier today when she asked to serve out her five-year prison sentence instead of being sent back to a drug rehabilitation program. She admitted to the judge that she hasn’t been able to stay clean, even while in rehab, and that she will always be a “bad girl.”

UPDATE – It is now being reported that the drug Amber Portwood is addicted to and can’t seem to quit is Suboxone. CLICK HERE to read more about Amber’s addiction and the drug Suboxone.

TMZ reports that “Amber’s lawyer stood by in shock as this unfolded, shaking his head the entire hearing.”

Amber went on to say she couldn’t stand the drug court program and wanted out as soon as possible.

She is reportedly headed to Madison County jail in Indiana where she will be staying until her sentencing in a few weeks.

We now have Amber’s latest mug shots here.