Pregnant Jenelle Evans baby bump photo timeline

Jenelle Evans baby bump photo in a pink bikini at 29 weeks

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently pregnant with her second child with a due date of June 29. As you would imagine from the social media loving reality star, Jenelle has been quite generous about sharing documentation of her pregnancy with fans in the form of numerous baby bump Jenelfies, including the one above from earlier today in which Jenelle shows off her 29-week pregnant belly in a hot pink bikini! She captioned the photo, “29 weeks in counting. #BikiniShot”

Of course, Jenelle’s critics were quick to point out that her bikini didn’t seem to fit right (they used words a little more harsh than that) and a frustrated Jenelle responded by tweeting, “Yes I kno my boob is about to fall out… It fit me when I bought it a couple months ago… Lol. Geeze.. Shoot me!”

She then added, “Well damn I tried to pick a pic u guys wouldn’t call me out for something dumb… Lmfao guess I #Failed” as well as this series of thumbnailed pregnant Jenelfies that she had to choose from:

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans_baby bump photos at 29 weeks 2014 second pregnancy

And speaking of series of pregnant Jenelfies, we’ve put together a collection of Jenelle’s baby bump photos from the last few months in what we call the “Jenelle Evans Baby Bump Timeline!”

Click to enlarge:
Jenelle Evans baby bump photos timeline - click to enlarge

UPDATE – And here’s a video of little Kaiser kicking around!

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