Catfish is now casting internet trolls and their targets

Catfish trolls Nev and Max

The producers of MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show are expanding their nets to not only catch catfish looking for love, but also those stirring up hate! The social media accounts in charge of recruiting for the show have been sharing a series of casting call announcements that are looking for internet trolls and their targets as well as “online rivals” so that they can arrange for them to meet in person.

“Do you have an online troll that’s making your life miserable?” reads one casting call. “Are they going out of their way to comment on all your posts?,” it continues. “Have you ever wanted to find out who’s really behind the profile? The producers of Catfish are here to try to help! We are looking for people who want to meet their online trolls face to face and get some answers! Email us a photo, your story, name, age, and contact number at”

In addition to online trolls, producers are also looking for participants in online feuds who have never met in person, as well as those folks who consider themselves to be “the King or Queen of Comebacks.” Here are those themed casting call announcements:

Catfish The TV Show casting internet trolls and haters

I should clarify that it appears as though this may be a new show and not Catfish: The TV Show branching out. “I thought it was about fake dating profiles?” a commenter named Dustin asked on the casting post. “Hey Dustin! This is a new show from the producers of MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show,” the page responded.

I have to say that I think this concept is BRILLIANT! I was one of the biggest fans of Catfish, but I grew a little tired of it after three or four seasons because there just wasn’t that much variance to the stories after 50 episodes or so. But online trolls and haters can have an endless array of stories and characters! It really is limitless! Heck, I would watch at least two full seasons of just the stars of MTV’s own reality shows meeting their haters in person. How about an entire season of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2? Could you imagine the ratings on the two-hour finale episode in which Jenelle Evans meets a series of card-carrying Hatters? WOW!

I will be HUGELY disappointed, however, if the show is hosted by anyone other than Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. I’ve enjoyed several of their “stand-in” co-hosts (Charlamagne Tha God was GREAT!) but it just wouldn’t be the same without Nev and Max. Granted, given the new concept, they might need someone with a bit more muscle to tag along.

The only other host that would have me thrilled would be Andy Cohen — but only if the face-to-face meetings took place in a luxurious Real Housewives setting. 🙂

There is no information on estimated premiere dates for the new concept, but stay tuned! Oh, and if you are dying to meet that pesky online troll of your own, then write that email!

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