SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard relationship timeline

Summer House star’s Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard surprised everyone when they announced their engagement late last year.

OG’s of the house, the two have been side by side since season one – but that doesn’t mean anyone necessarily expected their relationship to blossom.

Summer House season one

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard were introduced to Bravo fans during season one of the hit reality series Summer House. 

In the beginning, no one could have predicted these two would end up together. At the start of the show, Lindsay is dating Everett Weston, and their relationship is actually so solid it makes Kyle Cooke mad that its cramping his ‘single’ summer (oh how things will change for everyone…)

Summer House season one cast, including OG’s Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard and Kyle Cooke.

Carl is dating Lauren Wirkus at the time, but eventually throughout the season both relationships end up falling apart. Carl and Lindsay are both juggling multiple ‘friends with benefits’ by the time the season ends.

Summer House season four

The first time Radke and Hubbard are first linked romantically is in season four. The two begin hooking up, much to the dismay of fellow castmates.

They go on their first official date in NYC outside of the house, but the whole thing seems a little awkward. By the end of the season they’ve decided not to date and are doing their best to repair their now fractured friendship.

Ending the season each with new flings, fans thought this would likely be the end of ‘Hubb House’ and Radke.

Summer House season six

Lindsay and Carl, after hooking up with endless different partners, decide to try their relationship again. The two begin flirting and, really for the first time end up having a serious conversation about their connection.

The two end up growing close, and again, their castmates take issue with it. This time their relationship will “stick,” however, as the two end up getting engaged in August 2022 during the filming of season 7.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are getting married

In a move that shocked nearly everyone, Radke and Hubbard decide to take their relationship to its most serious level yet – engagement!

The two have since moved in together into a new apartment, which will feature a BIG first for the Summer House crew – the castmates will party in the NYC apartment together during the workweek!

Work is a hot topic between this couple, as Radke’s new found sobriety has led him to quit his longstanding job with Kyle Cooke’s alcohol brand Loverboy.

While Radke says he wants to use the time to focus on other ventures, Cooke is convinced it’s his relationship with Hubbard that has the former party boy “distracted.”

Summer House just began its seventh season, and Hubbard and Radke are set to be a BIG topic of discussion.

We’ll be able to see more details on how this surprising couple finally found their way back to each other during the season, which is currently airing Monday nights on Bravo.

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