SUMMER HOUSE Season 7 will include a first-ever moment for the show

Bravo‘s hit series Summer House is currently airing its season 7 and according to one of the stars, the show will feature something that’s never been done before.

Summer House season 7

Summer House debuted on Bravo in January 2017. Since then, the hit series has hosted quite its share of parties.

The reality show is about a group of friends who come together in the Hamptons on weekends in the summer to let loose from their busy work week in the city.

Many birthdays and theme nights have been celebrated across seven seasons, with the usual understanding that big events will be hosted at the rental so they can come together as a group.

A Summer House first

In an interview with People Magazine, Carl Radke, and OG on Summer House since season one, revealed that this season will include a HUGE first-ever moment for the series.

Radke, who just left alcohol brand Loverboy to focus on his sobriety, seems very excited about one party from season seven in particular.

We had a party at our apartment that’s going to be on camera, which I think is a first in Summer House history where we’ve actually had a party at someone’s apartment during the week. We got to show off our apartment, which I think will be fun for the audience to see.

Yes! For the first time ever we will get to see the gang all together in New York City during the week, versus celebrating in the Hamptons over the weekend.

Summer House parties

It’s a guarantee that season seven will include many huge parties in the Hamptons, but it is super exciting to be able to see the entire cast out of their usual element.

The apartment Radke is proud to show off? His new digs with fiancé and co-star Lindsay Hubbard. The two recently moved out of the apartment building where they each had separate units, and into a new skyrise they share together.

We can’t wait to see this first-ever moment on Summer House! The series currently airs Mondays 8pm CT on Bravo.

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