SUMMER HOUSE Kyle Cooke blames Lindsay Hubbard for Carl Radke leaving Loverboy

News has broke that Loverboy VP of Sales Carl Radke has stepped down from his position, leaving the company which is currently owned and operated by friend and Summer House co-star Kyle Cooke.

While Radke has been vocal about wanting to focus on his sobriety, Cooke isn’t completely sold on Carl’s rationale.

During season 7 of Summer House, Kyle confronts Carl about being way too distracted by his then girlfriend, now fiancé, Lindsay Hubbard.

Loverboy origins

The alcohol brand Loverboy was started by Kyle Cooke and his wife Amanda Batula in 2020.

The brand started as a hard iced tea inspired by Twisted Tea, but has since expanded to other canned cocktails, like the Summer House signature drink ‘espresso martini.’

The ‘spritz cocktails,’ which are not actually tea, are now sold across the country, both online and in stores.

Carl Radke Loverboy VP

Carl Radke joined the Loverboy team as a VP of sales back when he was still drinking, even being accused of partaking too much to fully perform his duties.

Despite their ups and downs, Radke and Cooke have been best buds through the whole process.

Radke, Cooke and Batula have often been featured together in promotions for the alcohol.

Adorably referred to as ‘Team Loverboy,’ the three amigos grew the company even when COVID tried to make things complicated.

Carl Radke hit his stride when he got sober and started to focus on his job. Sadly, the good times didn’t last long, as Radke has called it quits after three years as VP.

Kyle Cooke blames Lindsay Hubbard

On a recent publicity tour, Carl Radke has been telling news outlets that he is stepping back from working on the alcohol brand because it is difficult with his new found sobriety.

The star doesn’t want to “work in bars” or promote excessive drinking.

While this sounds completely reasonable to fans, the Loverboy founders have a different theory.

In the trailer for season 7 of Summer House, which premieres tonight on Bravo, Cooke unleashes on Radke, blaming his love interest Lindsay Hubbard for causing him to be ‘distracted.’

Kyle can be heard yelling to the group:

Ever since he’s been dating Lindsay, he’s been doing less. […] Carl can walk away from the company right now and the company won’t feel a f**king thing.

Way harsh, Kyle!

What is the real reason Carl Radke left Loverboy? Tune in to Summer House Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo to watch the story unfold.

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