SUMMER HOUSE Lindsay Hubbard drinking again; is Carl Radke still sober?

Summer House stars’ Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke were close friends before beginning to date in early 2022.

The two started off their relationship strong, with Hubbard quitting drinking due to boyfriend Carl Radke’s new found sobriety. Radke got sober following the tragic death of his brother.

Lindsay is now admitting that she is back on the bottle, and fans are nervous wondering how this will effect Carl.

HubbHouse + Carlito

Fans of Summer House have watched a lot of relationships begin and end on the show. Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke were a surprise pair that seem to be beating the odds… for now.

Both are original cast members of the series, meaning Hubbard and Radke have been close for seven seasons. They tried dating at a few different times while living in the Summer House, but it never quite worked out, until recently.

The most shocking point came when Hubbard and Radke got ENGAGED in August 2022.

The two still maintain that they will get married though no date has been set.

Carl Radke’s sobriety

In the beginning of Summer House, Carl Radke was a big drinker and the ultimate party boy. He struggled with his sobriety for years, and finally began to open up about it during season five of the series.

Now partnered with bubly sparkling water, Radke is sticking to his mocktails.

Originally trying, and failing, to give up drinking in 2020, the tragic death of his brother caused him to re-access.

Filming season six completely sober, Radke has recently celebrated two years alcohol-free alongside “future wifey” Lindsay Hubbard.

Lindsay Hubbard drinking

Lindsay Hubbard rivaled Carl Radke’s drinking during his partying hay day. The reality star was known for drinking a lot and then getting “activated.”

In the early stages of their relationship Hubbard decided to get sober in solidarity with her fiancé, but it looks like she’s backing out of her side of the deal.

Telling E! News her alcohol dependency is “natural,”

It was a natural progression into my natural lifestyle of drinking, but this time with what I had learned during those five months that I wasn’t drinking. Now, I understand a little bit more balance, I understand what’s going to make Carl comfortable in his sobriety, but also staying true to myself and my lifestyle.

Is Carl Radke drinking in 2023?

According to the above report from E! News, Radke is fully okay with Hubbard drinking.

I was very flattered (she quit) and just felt it was an amazing gesture of her and supportive of her to want to stop drinking to help me get through a pivotal point. […] If she’s comfortable having some wine, I’m all for it.

Her falling off the wagon is NOT impacting Carl’s sobriety. The Summer House star is still very much sober and loving his new lifestyle of clarity.

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