VIDEO Sister Wives Meri Brown’s catfish scandal drama continues in season 8 trailer

Sister Wives Meri Brown’s catfish scandal drama continues in season 8 trailer

The Brown family is back for another season of their hit TLC reality TV series Sister Wives. But although the family has a lot to celebrate this season, it seems like they’re still reeling from the aftermath of Meri’s catfish scandal.

Kody, the 48-year-old Brown family patriarch, and his wives Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn all make appearances in a newly released trailer for Sister Wives season 8, but the relationship between the polygamist family is strained. Meri is still trying to fix her relationships with Christine, Robyn, Janelle and Kody after revealing that she was involved in a romantic catfish scandal last year. But there’s another relationship that Meri needs to mend and that’s the one with her only daughter, 21-year-old college student Mariah.

“I spent the entire summer telling her that she was being catfished and she wouldn’t listen to me,” Mariah told her father in the Sister Wives season 8 trailer. “She just did a lot of sh*tty things and I haven’t forgiven her.”

During his discussion with Mariah, Kody opened up to his daughter and told her that he doesn’t doubt that he was the “catalyst” in Meri’s catfish scandal. Kody told the cameras that his goal is to work on his 26-year marriage with Meri and he hopes to keep his family together, but he also revealed that he felt that he made a mistake in filming the intimate conversation with his daughter.

But there is a cause for celebration for the Brown family as Janelle’s 20-year-old daughter Madison (“Maddie”) prepared to walk down the aisle with her 29-year-old fiancé Caleb Brush. Maddie’s wedding festivities will be featured in Sister Wives season 8, like her bridal shower where she received risqué items like lingerie.

Maddie’s not the only one who’s fallen in love. Her sister, 20-year-old Mykelti also has wedding fever now that things are getting serious with her boyfriend of five months, Antonio “Tony” Padron. Tony is hoping to earn Kody’s approval so that they can be the next couple to say “I do.”

But unlike Maddie and her husband Caleb, the Brown family isn’t too accepting of this new relationship. Mykelti’s mother, Christine, expressed her concern to Kody and the other sister wives.

“Mykelti is so different when he’s around,” Christine said. “She’s quiet and she’s reserved.”

But despite their doubts, Antonio still got down on one knee and proposed to Mykelti—although it’s unclear if he got Kody’s permission beforehand!

Be sure to catch the season premiere, Sunday, November 27, at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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