SISTER WIVES Christine Brown stuns in sheer dress on cruise with husband David Woolley, Janelle Brown

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is married and living her best life on a cruise for her MLM Plexus.

See the sheer dress she wore with her new husband and forever sister wife Janelle Brown….

Christine and David

Christine Brown and David Woolley are married! The Sister Wives star became one with the “love of her life” in a Moab, Utah ceremony set against the backdrop of the mountains. The picturesque event was attended by much of the cast, though notably absent were ex-husband Kody Brown and last remaining wife Robyn.

Meri Brown also did not receive an invitation.

Christine met David on the dating app “Stir” when she moved to Utah following her November 2021 separation from Kody. Since leaving the family, fellow sister wives Meri Brown and Janelle Brown have also separated from the patriarch. 

Plexus, the controversial MLM that promotes a special weight loss program involving a Pink Drink, is supported by many members of the Brown family including Janelle, Christine, Maddie Brush and Mykelti Padron

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Plexus Cruise

Following their September 2023 nuptials, newlyweds David and Christine embarked on a cruise to Haiti for the Sister Wives stars multilevel marketing product Plexus. Also attending the cruise is Janelle Brown.

Christine shared a stunning photo of herself in a sheer dress alongside her travel companions. Brown described her relationship with Janelle…

In the very beginning of our relationship, I told David that Janelle and her kids are part of me. Not as in we were living polygamy again, but she’s my Sisterwife, always. Of course, they get along great. Vacationing with all of us is awesome. #plexus #plexuscruise #celebritycruise #relaxing #sisterwives @celebritycruises

WOWZA! Christine is STUNNING in this sheer dress with a bra top and shorts underneath.

The post, which was reshared by Janelle on her Instagram story, also reiterated the “forever Sister Wife” mentality. Brown captioned the photo “Me always third wheelin‘”

SISTER WIVES UPDATE Christine sees Janelle MORE since leaving the family

This isn’t the first formal event the trio has attended for Plexus. They were all at the Plexus Ball together back in June 2023.

We are so happy to see Christine and Janelle living their best lives! Sister Wives current airs on TLC and Discovery+ Sunday 10/9c.

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