Sherri Shepherd ordered to pay child support for baby born by surrogate

Sherri Shepherd - Lamar Sally



Sherri Shepherd lost a big custody battle this week, but is still fighting the war.

Sources tell TMZ that the former The View co-host reluctantly agreed to pay $4,000 per month in child support for Lamar Jr., the baby born after she filed for divorce from Lamar Sally and accused him of fraud. The situation is particularly complicated because Sherri first filed for sole custody of the then-unborn baby, which was being carried by a traditional surrogate, but later asked the judge to expunge all of her parental rights and obligations.

Shepherd was legally named the child’s mother in April and, with the new ruling, will have to pay a hefty amount of child support until Lamar Jr. is 18.

According to Shepherd, Lamar, to whom she was married for three years, tricked her into having a baby so he could benefit from the child support payments. According to this week’s settlement agreement, if Sherri can prove her fraud claim, her child support obligations will be terminated.

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