REPORT Anna Benson of Baseball Wives fame charged with murder in 1996

Anna Benson at the Annual Thurman Munson awards dinner at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York City, United States.

Anna Benson is currently behind bars in Georgia following an arrest in which she reportedly broke into her estranged husband’s home and threatened him with a gun. However, this isn’t her first run in with the law. Back in 1996, she was a person of interest in a murder case after a man was gunned down in her Tennessee apartment.

According to NY Daily News, 18-year-old Michael Evans was shot in the back of the head after a dispute with Anna led her to demanding her live-in boyfriend Paul Dejongh “get rid of him.” The Baseball Wives star was 19 at the time, as was Paul. After Paul reportedly killed Michael, both he and  girlfriend Anna fled town, resulting in a massive manhunt.

Anna Benson with a gun

At the scene of the crime, Michael’s body was found face-down surrounded by small colored balls (the kind you’d find in a children’s ball pit) and the walls were covered in anti-police as well as satanic messages.

Once police obtained warrants, they charged both Anna and Paul with murder.

Anna was found five months later after making a call to her grandmother but eventually, all charges against her were dropped. Paul was not so lucky. His murder charge stuck and he later died behind bars. Still, the victim’s family believes Anna played a big part in the crime.

“She got away with murder,” Michael’s father told NY Daily News. “I don’t know how she can live with herself knowing that she conspired to kill my son. She’s a killer.”

According to him, Anna only evaded charges “because she had rich parents who got her a good lawyer.”

Top Photo: WENN

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