REPORT Ex Jared Foundation leader cooperating with the FBI, may have steered them to Subway’s Jared Fogle



Although a representative for Jared Fogle said nothing incriminating was found during the search of his home last week and Fogle hasn’t been charged with anything, Subway’s ties with him remain severed. According to new sources, that may be because there is still more to the story.

The investigation that led to the raid of Fogle’s home is also looking at Russ Taylor, who was the executive director of The Jared Foundation until he was arrested in April on multiple charges related to child pornography. During a search of Russ’s home, authorities found more than 500 videos featuring young teens and children, including several that appeared to be filmed at his residence. The affidavit reports that police also seized two thumb drives that had some link to Taylor’s employer, although the employer wasn’t identified.

Based on available accounts, the case against Taylor seemed to be open and shut. However, according to court records, he voluntarily waived his right to a speedy trial so investigators could have more time to prepare charges. Shortly thereafter, Fogle’s home was raided.

Although it’s unknown whether Taylor directed investigators to Fogle, a former Florida journalist said she has evidence that incriminates Fogle. This month, she told ABC “When I presented [the evidence] to the FBI the first thing they said to me is, ‘This who I think it is?’ I said ‘Yes, it is.’ And it just went in full gear after that.”

Authorities have until August 3 to present their evidence against Taylor.

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