Safaree Samuels sex toy rumors thrusting upward forcefully following nude video leak

In the wake of LHHNY star Safaree’s nude video leak — and the impressive dong the video contains — talk of a Safaree Samuels sex toy is heating up something fierce. According to Safaree himself, he’s weighing multiple options to model for his very own unit, though it sounds like he’s waiting for just the right offer before he gives the world his goods again.

The man of the hour first brought up the possibility of a Safaree Samuels sex toy during his borderline-infamous Breakfast Club interview last week, shortly after his dong vid had leaked in the first place. Safaree noted that his phone’s been blowing up with an overwhelming number of adult industry-related business propositions: “for molds, for sex toys, the fur coat insert to keep it in, condoms,” and of course for his own adult entertainment motion picture.

But the Safaree Samuels mention in the Breakfast Club interview was practically fleeting — and, to be fair, that was also Safaree’s first sit-down since his nude clip hit the ‘net. So there was kind of a lot of ground to cover.

The topic came up again (and more forcefully) in a related article a couple of days after that, one in which Safaree appeared to claim that his giant penis was the primary reason otherwise abusive long-time girlfiend Nicki Minaj kept him around for so long. “Nicki always used to say to him,” the article stated, “if he wasn’t so blessed downstairs, she would have left him.”

And then, a mere one paragraph later, the article notes Safaree’s “leaked d*** pics are opening new doors, but venturing into the pron industry is a door he wants to keep shut. Sex molds of his member are a possibility, though.

Our highly scientific study of noted sex toy site Simpli Pleasure revealed that the top 10 best-selling dildos actually molded from male actors are an average of 11.3 inches long. We’re not exactly sure if Safaree is in their league — though apparently he wasn’t erect in his video, so make of that what you will — but we also discovered that those ten dildos sell for an average of $75.35.

Given that it’s tax season, we expect Safaree is already in regular contact with his accountant and financial planners. So, now that he has this new information to work with, it seems only logical to assume that we’ll all see an announcement about a Safaree Samuels sex toy one way or the other very soon indeed.

(Photo credits: Safaree Samuels sex toy via LA Photo Lab / Splash News)

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