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It took quite a bit longer than the show’s fans would have liked, but we’ve finally gotten official word that Investigation Discovery hit Murder Chose Me has been renewed and will be back for a third season. The news came from Detective Rod Demery himself, who broke the long silence regarding the show on his official Facebook account.

“Excited to tell y’all that we’re back!” Demery wrote. “Season 3 of #MurderChoseMe is starting filming, we’ll be coming back in a few months.”

Murder Chose Me Season 3 took awhile to get the green light

If it feels like it’s been longer than usual since we’ve heard any news from the show’s production, that’s because it has been! The Murder Chose Me Season 2 finale aired on June 6th of this year, meaning it was almost five full months from then to Rod’s announcement. Judging by the reaction among the bigger Murder Chose Me fan groups, Investigation Discovery’s delay led plenty of viewers worldwide — the show now airs in about 170 countries — to fear the worst.

Determining when the show will be back on the air may be a bit easier. Season 1 ran from February through April of 2017, and ID greenlit MCM Season 2 that May. Three months later, in August of 2017, filming for Season 2 began; the season began on April 4th, 2018, or just over seven months after that.

So, if the show keeps to the same production schedule, we should be seeing Murder Chose Me Season 3 in the general vicinity of June 2019 — about a year after Season 2 ended.

The show could be going bigger for Season 3

But that’s actually kind of a big “if.” While we do know the show has begun filming — more on that in a moment — we don’t know how big the Season 3 episode order is. Murder Chose Me Seasons 1 and 2 ran for ten episodes each. If Season 3 goes longer than that, it’s entirely possible that the premiere might be pushed back to later in the summer.

And there’s reason to believe Season 3 might be bigger. There’s precedent for such a move on the network: Homicide Hunter, which more or less created the template for this type of show, has had 20+ episode seasons for years.

More importantly, Murder Chose Me had strong, consistent ratings for both its seasons so far. According to the figures provided by the tracking site Showbuzz Daily, Murder Chose Me Season 1 averaged 1,236,555 viewers per episode, and regularly placed in the top 30 cable shows of the week; Season 2 wasn’t far behind, at 1,103,500 per episode.

To put those numbers in perspective, consider that Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the most successful reality show in the genre’s history, only averages around 1.2 million viewers these days. And Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, part of VH1’s most popular franchise, averaged about 1.7 million viewers for its just-ended fifth season.

Of course, it’s *also* possible that Investigation Discovery will stick with what works and order up another ten for Season 3.

One thing we can say for sure is Murder Chose Me won’t want for source material. The show draws its stories from Detective Demery’s real-life case file, and the man has approximately 250 confessions to his name. So Murder Chose Me could easily crank out ten-episode seasons for an entire generation — but we likely won’t know which cases any of the new episodes are based on until the show gets closer to its Season 3 premiere.

No Murder Chose Me update is complete without a sneak peek

As Detective Demery mentioned above, the show has indeed begun filming new episodes. And we might not have details on those episodes *yet.* However, thanks to John Nicholson, who portrays Rod on the show, we do have our first behind-the-scenes pictures! Behold, some of the people who make the whole thing work:

If you’re really good at refining images, and you get out your microscope, you might be able to read the first page of the first episode’s script:

Finally, here’s a brand-new photo of John Nicholson on set, taken by crew member Chris Morris:

So: for the time being, rejoice in the news of this renewal! And make sure you catch up on any episodes you haven’t seen yet.

(Photo credits: Did Murder Chose Me get renewed via Instagram, Investigation Discovery)

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