VIDEO Makeupless Farrah Abraham updates us on her romance novel

Farrah Abraham no makeup So this is what it looks like to be a New York Times best-selling writer quote keek

Farrah Abraham returned to her favorite selfie video platform keek earlier today to update fans on the progress of her new book, which is reportedly going to be an erotic romance novel. (Click the link for our mock-up cover and title guess.) As is most often the case, the best thing for me to do is to stop writing and let Farrah speak for herself:


Does it look like I’m busy working? Oh yes! No makeup, totally hair back and doin’ it all. So this is what it looks like to be a New York Times best-selling writer. I have my little laptop, notes… Yep, I write on a notebook and I totally, like, have a million pages pulled up on the computer.

So, I am busy writing an amazing, amazing novel for you guys to read, and finishing it up , and editing. So, they’re excited and you’re gonna see more of that this coming year.

So, get ready for Christmas, get ready for the countdown of the new year — People are freaking excited!

And just in case all those spy movies and cop shows weren’t completely making crap up and it actually is possible to “enhance” a digital image, here’s a sneak peek at a page from Farrah’s book for those with access to the tools necessary to make it legible:

Farrah Abraham erotic romance novel preview page

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