RHOSLC Warrant issued for Mary Cosby’s son Robert Cosby Jr’s arrest

Mary Cosby's son Robert Cosby Jr. arrest warrant issued RHOSLC

The legal troubles continue for the son of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby. Two weeks after Starcasm shared photos of drugs and codeine cough syrup posted by Robert and his wife, Alexiana Cosby, on Instagram, a warrant was issued for his arrest stemming from a 2022 DUI conviction.

The U.S. Sun reveals that a warrant was issued for Robert’s arrest on November 21 after he failed to appear for a court hearing in regards to the DUI case.

Robert Cosby, Jr. was charged with DUI on March 21, 2022 after he was observed “throwing a case of beer cans into a dumpster behind a local Best Buy,” The U.S. Sun reports. Robert told police he didn’t drink alcohol but admitted that he had “recently in the past taken some oxycontin, Xanax, and smoked marijuana.”

Robert failed a field sobriety test, and it didn’t help that his driver’s license was suspended from his previous DUI in 2020.

Robert was arrested for DUI and other charges, but it appears he was able to avoid actually being booked into a jail:

The police officer concluded in his narrative: ‘I then called Robert’s mother to respond to the location to take custody of him instead of transporting him to jail.’

Mary, 51, then arrived and took custody of him ‘to ensure his safety.’

Rob was found guilty of DUI, and the other charges were dropped. In February of 2023 he was sentenced to 12 months probation and ordered to pay $1,610 in fines.

In addition, as part of his probation, he was ordered to complete 30 days of home confinement with no release “except for treatment, work and testing” as well as a 16-week substance abuse treatment program with random UA/ETG (Urine Ethylglucuronide) testing.

Robert Cosby Jr caught breaking into neighbor’s apartment?

Robert’s 30 days of home confinement did not go well. At all.

Police had another run-in with Robert after someone called 911 in May to report someone attempting to break into their neighbor’s apartment. The U.S. Sun obtained the police report from the incident, which reveals that Robert was with an unnamed female companion.

Police made contact with Robert and the woman after they jumped off of a third floor balcony. To make matters worse, Robert gave cops a fake ID. He was also wearing an ankle monitor as he was supposed to be under house arrest.

Robert was cited for “providing false information to the police.” Once again, police called to have someone pick Robert up — this time it was his uncle.

Starcasm exclusively revealed the identity of Robert’s wife Alexiana in October. In a follow up post we provided some background details on Alexiana and her mother. In that article, we included one of many recent photos of Alexiana wearing a large brace on one of her ankles:

Real Hosuewives of Salt Lake City Mary cosby's son Robert Cosby Jr married, wife Alexiana

The image was posted as part of a gallery on September 17. An Instagram follower asked Alexiana how she was injured. “Jumped off a 3 story balcony,” Alexiana explained. “Illegal sh*t,” she added.

Here’s another photo from June of 2023 in which Alexiana can be seen with a cast on her ankle. There are also a pair of crutches behind her and Robert on the ground:

Robert Cosby's wife Alexiana ankle injury

Robert Cosby, Jr. was found guilty of giving false personal identity to a police officer on July 31, 2023. He was sentenced to six months of probation and fined $180. The case was dismissed in September.

Robert Cosby, Jr’s 2020 DUI arrest

Starcasm was the first to reveal that Robert was arrested and charged with DUI in 2020. On December 12, 2020, Robert was charged with DUI after he was seen driving the wrong way in Parley’s Canyon just after 1AM.

Police caught up with the car Robert was driving at a nearby gas station.

Per the police report:

When I approached the passenger side of the vehicle I observed a black male sitting in the passenger and a young female in the driver seat. The passenger admitted to switching seats at this location and that he was the original driver.

Once again, the “young female” was not named. (Alexiana and Robert have been dating for years, but she wouldn’t have been 18 at the time of this incident.)

From the Starcasm exclusive article about the DUI arrest:

The officer ‘noticed a smell of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle’ and described Robert as having ‘glossy blood shoot [sic] eyes.’

The officer received consent to perform field sobriety tests and Robert was asked to step out of the vehicle. ‘When he went to step out I observed a glass bong fall out and shatter on the ground. I also observed a clear jar with a lot of green leafy substances in the seat where he just got up from.’

After putting Robert through the field sobriety tests, ‘enough was observed to place him under arrest for DUI.’

Robert was charged with DUI, driving without a license, possession of marijuana, and driving on the wrong side of the roadway. He pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in March of 2021. The other charges were dismissed.

More from our previous post:

As a result of the DUI conviction, Robert was sentenced to 180 days in jail with 178 days suspended. He was fined $1,420 and ordered to complete 48 hours of community service in lieu of jail.

Robert was placed on 12 months of probation. He was also ordered to attend a victim impact panel.

At a hearing on October 5 it was revealed that Robert had completed only two hours of community service and he had not started his recommended classes. He was also required to present proof of employment.

By the following week, Robert had completed his required drug and alcohol class. Robert provided proof of employment in the form of an emailed job offer working for Hope Mortgage. Robert had not accepted the offer yet.

Robert missed a drug test in February of 2022, which resulted in a probation violation report, but otherwise managed to complete all of the requirements. The case was officially closed on March 28, 2022.

Mary Cosby has not made a public statement about Robert’s recent legal issues or his alleged drug use.

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