90 DAY FIANCÉ Sam and Citra wedding photos & exclusive details

90 Day Fiance Sam and Citra wedding photos and marriage details

90 Day Fiancé couple Sam and Citra have some rather large obstacles standing in the way of their happily ever after. Atheist Sam from Missouri has committed to converting to Islam, and he also has to reveal his history of drug addiction to Citra’s dad before getting approval for their marriage.

Meanwhile, Citra will have to deal with the fact that Sam lives with his dad in a small Missouri town. She will also have to commit to leaving her family — with whom she appears to be very close.

Did Sam and Citra get married? Or were the obstacles too much, resulting in Citra returning home to Indonesia?

Sam and Citra wedding details

Starcasm can exclusively reveal that Sam and Citra were married near his hometown of Cameron, Missouri on September 10! Court records indicate the union was officially recorded two days later.

Family members have posted photos from Sam and Citra’s wedding ceremony online. The images reveal the couple was married at the Far West Farm House, which is about 15 minute southeast of downtown Cameron where Sam lives.

90 Day Fiance Citra and Sam Wilson wedding photos

Citra is a BEAUTIFUL bride! 😍 Sam’s looking handsome in his grey suit, but Citra clearly stole the show.

UPDATE – More photos from Citra after the wedding episode aired, followed by her gallery caption:

We have been waiting for so long to post this pictures!!

When people said “you left your country, your family, your career and came to the states to marry this loser?” He is not a loser! He is the best guy i have ever met in my entire life, there’s none out there guy like him. He is the one I prayed for. The way he treated me is everything I asked for this whole time I found my man that can treat me so good and so sweet. It’s so rare to find someone that loyal to you nowadays I’m glad I found mine, been cheated so many times in the past and constantly being all worried all day thought I couldn’t find someone that can love me as much as I love him. It took time until God sent Sam to me it was the best day ever we met on dating app on Desember 2019 not always rainbow and sunshine in our relationship but we made it. We tied the knot on September 10th 2023!! Been married with you for 4 months its been a good journey I love being your wife!! The beauty of marrying your best friend is that even after years of being together, you still have endless things to talk about ❤️.

Thank you for always make me the happiest girl in the world and thank you for loving my family as well. I am grateful that you give me incredible family that loves me and care about me and makes me not feel alone when I moved there with you makes me feel like I’m home. Like my parents said and Sam’s dad said enjoy while you still young you should shops as many as you can until you find the right one 😉.

Thank you for Sam’s brother Luke for being there for us when we needed somebody and keep your OG hat preacher man 😂😂🤣 keep being yourself that’s what I love about you!!

The images also reveal that Citra’s dad was able to make the trip from Indonesia — as did Citra’s sisters! Citra’s sister Fada posted a photo of her airplane ticket from Denver to Kansas City, which revealed she arrived in Missouri on September 4.

It’s unclear exactly how long Citra’s family was in the US, but she shared an emotional video of their airport departure on September 18.

Here is Citra’s video montage that includes her family’s arrival, departure, and lots in between:

Citra’s translated caption:

I didn’t think I could take my family as far as America, even though the cost was enough to buy a car. But time is more valuable because it can’t be repeated, as long as the parents are still there, even though there is only one left. And bring my b*tches, aka my sisters! Thank God, I am still given the opportunity to make them happy and bring them to this country.

They previously only saw the United States on TV, but they were finally able to feel what it is like to set foot in Uncle Sam’s country, even though it was only for a short time. Everything was made easy, starting from getting visas for them to getting interviews in Surabaya, because in Jakarta in August the costs were already full and the expenses were not small, and in the end the results were sweet.

Life is good I feel blessed for everything 🥹❤️ #usa🇺🇸 #travel

Citra revealed in the comments that she and Sam will be taking a trip to New York City in December, which I assume will be to film the 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Couples Tell All special.

To see how Sam and Citra’s road to the altar plays out, be sure to tune in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC! And if you want to find out about Sam and Citra getting married again in a few days, be sure to stay tuned for In Touch “exclusively confirming” our story by the end of the week. 😂

For those of you curious about the other 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 couples, we’ve previously shared marriage spoilers for Clayton and Anali as well as Nick and Devin!

Tap the link in the tweet below for a full timeline of Sam and Citra’s relationship, including his trip to Indonesia in 2021.

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