Randy Houska shades Jenelle Eason shading Chelsea DeBoer about hair extensions

Chelsea Houska hair extensions

The bitter three-way feud between Teen Mom 2 co-stars Chelsea Houska DeBoer, Jenelle Eason, and Dr. Randy Houska was re-ignited online this week — and it was all over hair extensions!

The most recent drama started with Chelsea Houska innocently (and excitedly) posting before and after photos of herself with non-clip-in hair extensions done by Ayla Archer at the Hollywood Style Salon in Sioux Falls.

Here is the original gallery:

The stylist who put in the extensions for Chelsea was inundated with questions and reveals that they are “bond in” extensions by Hairdreams. Unfortunately, she points out that they are not a do-it-yourself kind of thing, and you will need to find a salon near you with a certified professional if you want the same thing as Chelsea.

One person who apparently does not want the same thing as Chelsea is Jenelle Eason! Jenelle, who is like Big Brother when it comes to what all the other Teen Mom 2 gals are posting on social media, took to Twitter to almost literally snatch Chelsea’s wig by offering up her expertise on leave-in hair extensions:

Chelsea’s dad, Dr. Randy Houska, has lost more than 35 pounds as part of his “Losing Randy” weight loss campaign, but he hasn’t lost an ounce of his sense of humor as he took to Twitter to express his outrage at Chelsea for not sending him the memo on the potential risks of leave-in hair extensions:

??? Your move David!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Chelsea’s hair stylist was asked about the potential damage that could be caused by leave-in hair extensions. “Is it damaging to ur hair?” a commenter asked. “Not as long as it is done correctly ❤️” Ayla responded. Ayla also revealed that the kind of extensions Chelsea got “can last up to 6 months with proper care.”

Now we all just sit back and wait to see if the #HairExtensiongate scandal merits inclusion on the show.

OF COURSE we couldn’t finish this post without having a little bit of Photoshop fun! So, we decided to try out Chelsea’s new hair extensions on Jenelle and Randy:

Jenelle Eason and Randy Houska with Chelsea's hair extensions

Weird — anyone else thinking Randy looks a little like Richard Branson? In a good way too! And Jenelle is makin’ that Brunswick County Jail booking photo backdrop look GOOOOOD! I think I’m sold on these hair extensions!

Meanwhile, for those of you who are a bit more meme-oriented, we did this too:

Jenelle Evans feathers hair Kesha concert meme extensions

That was more fun to do that I thought it would be — and I thought it would be really fun! 🙂 This right here is some quality reporting y’all!

UPDATE – Jenelle has expounded on her experiences with leave-in hair extensions and the purely coincidental timing of her comment right after Chelsea’s photos:

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