TEEN MOM 2 Dr. Randy Houska loses 35 pounds in 3 months #LosingRandy

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Teen Mom 2 granddad Dr. Randy Houska announced earlier this year that he was committing to losing weight, and he launched a YouTube series titled “Losing Randy” to not only document his weight loss journey, but also to incentivize him to not quit — which seems to be working so far. It’s been three months since everyone’s favorite MTV dentist began, and he proudly announced online on Wednesday that he has already lost 35 pounds!

“I’m 55 years old and I’ve been packing on weight, getting out of shape, and I need to change that,” Randy explains in the first installment of his YouTube series (included below). “So, ‘Losing Randy’ will be my story, my journey of trying to get back in shape and losing weight.”

Why commit to losing weight now? “I’ve got a large family, I’ve got a lot of grandkids, and I want to watch this family grow,” Randy says. “I want to see them get married, I want to go to their games, I want to do everything. I want to go ride a motorcycle, you know, I don’t want to just roll around and be out of shape. I’d like to be here for quite some time — I’ve got a lot of things left that I want to do.”

Randy reveals that this isn’t his first attempt at getting in shape and shedding some pounds. “This is not an easy thing,” he admits. “I’ve tried this a hundred times — a thousand times. Anyone that struggled with weight knows that you can you can be great and strong and everything, but weight and diet is just a hard thing. It’s an addiction for me, I’m sure it is, but something I need to do, so I’m going to give it a try.”

To help keep him motivated and guide his weight loss endeavor, Randy enlisted the help of trainer and health coach Tyler Potts. “Tyler is an RN for about five years and just getting into this life coaching training stuff. He wanted some people to start with, and I said, ‘You know Tyler, I think
maybe I’ve got something for you — if you can whip my fat ass into shape, you can whip anyone into shape.'”

Randy explains that he hopes his YouTube channel will be versatile enough to cover other topics, and he strongly encouraged others to share their journeys and struggles. “I’m not an editor, I’m not a producer,” Randy humbly admits, “but I’ll go for a while. And if you guys wanna hop on with me, and if you got your own battles to to win, or your own struggles to to defeat — whether it’s diet, whether it’s what — come on board! Let me know how you’re doing. Leave some comments in there, tell me what works for you, tell me what doesn’t work for you.”

It what I assume was a reference to his Twitter feud with Jenelle Eason (in which she called him a “fat f**k”), Randy concludes: “You know, I’ve certainly been called a ‘fat eff’ in my life by, uh, people, so I’m ready to roll! We’re ready to kick this habit! So let’s do this. Hop on board the ol’ ‘Losing Randy’ train and let’s get rolling.”

A HUGE congratulations to Randy for his success so far, and for being willing to share it all with so many people. His invitation to others to hop on board the “‘Losing Randy’ train” made me think of a Bruce Springsteen song that not only applies to Randy’s inclusive self-improvemnt journey, but also applies to his daughter Chelsea Houska DeBoer and her very similar journey over the last nine years — a journey that she has willingly allowed millions of passengers to join her on. Her route has had more than its fair share of bumps, delays, and outright derailments, but she managed to keep that train on the tracks and she is now traveling safely through the Land of Hope and Dreams

I teared up a bit thinking about Chelsea’s story while listening to that.

Here are all of the “Losing Randy episodes to date:

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