PHOTOS: Why is Kim Kardashian’s baby kitty Mercy so sad?

Kanye West got his girlfriend Kim Kardashian a white teacup Persian kitten to keep her company while he was away. She named it “Mercy,” after one of Kanye’s songs. (Full name: Mercy Kardashian-West.)

She carries it around for the paparazzi to snap, and posts pictures of it on Twitter. Of course, little Mercy now has her own parody Twitter account, which can’t help but take advantage of how sad little Mercy looks in most of her candids.

She’s just a little puff of thing, but it’s amazing the depth of emotion she can conjure. People think that Kim and Kanye are just using Mercy for attention, but maybe Mercy is using THEM! She knew this was the best was to get her impressive acting skills out to the world. Either that, or the kitty is just genuinely traumatized by the excesses of the Kardashian lifestyle.

Should someone start a SAVE MERCY campagin?