PHOTOS Preachers’ Daughters’ Olivia Perry got married!

Olivia Perry Husband Caleb Marmolejo

Original Preachers’ Daughters star Olivia Perry tied the knot with Caleb Marmolejo in a beautiful California ceremony on Saturday.

Last viewers saw of Olivia on the first season of Preachers’ Daughters, the single teen mom was trying to stay on the straight and narrow by finding a guy with similar values… Although that plot line apparently wasn’t exciting enough for Lifetime producers, it paid off for Olivia, whose new husband is a devoted Christian and adores his new step-daughter, Eden.

Preachers Daughters Olivia Perry Wedding

Olivia isn’t too active on social media these days, but family members shared some sweet snaps from the nuptials. Dad Mark Perry, who officiated the ceremony, added on Facebook, “Wow. Married off my baby girl! Got home, slept, woke up, cried with joy some more, going back to sleep… But my heart feels so tender… What a day.”

Olivia Perry Wedding Married by Dad

Congratulations to the Marmolejos!

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