Why isn’t Olivia Perry returning to Preachers’ Daughters?

Olivia Perry - Preachers Dauhters

The announcement about the second season of Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughters was bittersweet: On one hand, it’s exciting to see two new ladies in the mix. On the other hand, it’s a letdown to learn Olivia Perry won’t return.

Apparently that disappointment is shared by the Perry family.

Olivia provided some insight with an Instagram post last night: “For everyone who is wondering why my family and I won’t be on season two of Preachers Daughters— Lifetime decided to go in a whole new direction with the show and unfortunately that did not include our family or fit with our values. We enjoyed our experience on the show and wish the other families the best! Xo”

Perry Family

Victoria Koloff, mom to Preachers’ Daughters cast member Kolby Koloff, responded to Olivia that her family will be missed.

“I know you’ll keep us in your prayers, as so far from the previews, Season 2 seems ramped up from Season 1. Our family is proud of the contribution we made and what we filmed, still believing that God will be Glorified and others will come to know Him as they did during Season 1,” Victoria commented on Instagram. “You’ll always be an original and no one can ever take your place!”

Olivia’s absence from the second season is disappointing for a few reasons. Not only was her story — reformed wild child/teen mom — interesting to watch, but her life seemed to get even more exciting this year when she got a new boyfriend. Plus, little Eden is now two and more adorable than ever!

Catch the other original girls and two newcomers when Preachers’ Daughters premieres March 5 at 9/8c on Lifetime.