PHOTOS Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel splitting after he got too close with a backup singer?

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel divorce Star magazine cover  September 2014

After just two short years of marriage, speculation is brewing there are cracks in Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s marriage that may lead to divorce. After pictures surfaced of the 33-year-old pop star getting a little too close to backup singer Zenya Bashford while on his 20/20 Experience Tour, rumor has it this could be the last straw for Biel.

Star magazine reports that this went down in a VIP room at a club in Paris. “It was more than friendly. They were dancing in a way that no married man should dance with someone who is not his wife,” their source claimed. 

So who is Zenya Bashford?

Zenya is a professional singer/songwriter who is originally from Newcastle, Australia. When she’s not on tour, she lives in New York City.

Justin Timberlake dancer and alleged mistress Zenya Bashford

Here you can see Zenya with Justin during a show:

Zenya Bashford and Justin Timberlake

Zenya hasn’t directly addressed the pictures of her getting cozy with Timberlake but has written a slew of inspirational Tweets. Could they be related to the rumors and speculation? You decide.

If this is true, what does it mean for the Justin and Jessica? Earlier this year, Jessica admitted during an interview with The Daily Beast that making time for your spouse in marriage is hard and needs to be a priority:

“Your relationship just has to be a priority, you have to make sacrifices for it, and you have to make time to see each other no matter what. You have to pick whatever number of days as your cut-off point, and no matter what, one person has to make the journey to see the other person if one of you is far away. It has to be important enough to you to make the effort, because it is a lot of effort.”

Preach sista!

Right now, it doesn’t sound like Justin is making his marriage a priority while he’s snuggling up to his backup dancer!

The couple began dating way back in 2007, got engaged in 2011, and married less than a year later in 2012. Since that time, Justin and Jessica have been targets for tabloid fodder regarding everything from infidelity to arguments over when to start a family. But now, with photo evidence of Justin snuggling up to a brunette other than his wife, it’s hard to deny it much longer.


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