PHOTO – Robert Pattinson has a new haircut

Robert Pattinson new hair cut Cosmopolis
Robert Pattinson was kind enough to sign autographs at 5:00 a.m. yesterday on set of his new film Cosmopolis in Toronto, Canada. He’s just finished wrapping a long night of filming, and greeted fans with a wacky new haircut.

While it looks like he got so tired of his signature Edward do that he drank a bottle of tequila and went after an electric razor, his unfortunate new hair is for the movie.

The plot of Cosmopolis (which is based on a book by one of my favorite authors, Don DeDillo) centers around Pattinson as billionaire Eric Packer, who goes around Manhattan in a limo trying to get a haircut.

It’s not all about hair though, it also involves some pretty risky bets against the rise of the yen, and a couple of stalkers. My guess is that the haircut is a metaphor for the greater chaos of the billionaire’s life.

Either that, or this has all been one big conspiracy to see Pattinson’s sexy, dirty, bird’s nest of hair reduced to a baldy, razored, different sort of mess.

Pattinson spent about 10 minutes meeting with about 70 fans, which is accommodating of him after his vampire’s schedule work night.

Here’s the old hair in all it’s glory:

P.S. The whole internet is going with the “Robert Pattinson is going bald” angle. He’s totally not going bald.

TOP PHOTO: S Fernandez / Splash News