SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dannielle Merrifield loves submitting to Garrick

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield have struggled in their quest to find a second wife. In the mean time, Dannielle is happy to submit.

See the Instagram post here that explains it all…

Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife is a TLC reality show that has aired for 4 seasons. The series began in 2018 and follows couples on their journey to add an additional wife or wives to their family.

Known as Polygamy, the practice of one man with more than one spouse is common in several religions including fundamental Mormonism, Islam, and even some branches of Christianity. It is also a non-religious practice for some who are interested in alternative lifestyles.

Over the course of Seeking Sister Wife we’ve been introduced to couples who are “seeking” for a number of different reasons. Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield are one such partnership.

The Merrifields

Dannielle Merrifield and her husband Garrick are featured on seasons 3 and 4 of the show. They have had not one but TWO potential ‘sister wives’… though in both instances the situations fell through.

First we were introduced to Roberta, a Brazilian woman who had a long distance relationship with Garrick. At first she had every intention of obtaining a K1 Visa (90 Day Fiancé crossover, anyone?) but over the course of several seasons the relationship dissolved, much to the shock of the Merrifields and their fans.

While trying to solidify the relationship with Roberta, Garrick also courted another woman Lea Newton with whom he seemed to have less of a spark with – however, she did live in the United States and visited the family to spend much time with them in person.

To date, it appears that Dannielle and Garrick have yet to solidify “the one.”

Dannielle is a submissive wife

Fans are protective of Dannielle, as it has always seemed that she was less interested in Garrick taking multiple wives than he is. While she supports him whole heartedly on screen, there have been a share of heartbreaking moments.

While on vacation to visit Roberta, Garrick and the Brazilian have a “quicky” love making session while Dannielle is in her hotel room gathering her things. Dannielle reacts poorly to this, feeling blindsided and left out.

Dannielle Merrifield is no push over however, or at least that’s what she wants you to think. In a recent Instagram post she has declared that she LOVES submitting to her husband, and due to their religious beliefs it is truly the only way.

In the video she shared below, Christian Pastor Randie shares a long speech about how she is happy to “submit” to her husband because he is a direct messenger from God.

The Reel goes on to explain that women who have Godly husbands should enjoy submitting to them for the protection, leadership and guidance it provides them and their family.

There is no news on whether or not Seeking Sister Wife will return for a 5th season, but because of the popularity of their story, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Merrifields popped up again.

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