MUG SHOT Florida man calls 911 to brag about his muscles, ask dispatcher on date

Muggles Garcia


It was a busy weekend for Florida. In addition to the man who tried to sell a live shark outside a Publix, we bring you this tale: A 44 year-old Florida man was recently arrested and charged with a bevy of crimes after he called 911 to brag about his muscles and ask the dispatcher on a date.

Eduardo Raoul Garcia, of St. Augustine FL, was camping out at Lake Griffin State Park when he decided he needed to call 911. When the dispatcher answered, Garcia began to talk about his “big muscles.” After ascertaining that there was, in fact, no emergency, the dispatcher hung up.

Except that Eduardo–who really does go by “Eddie” (and who at least one observer has called “Muscle-Bragger McGee”)–called back twice more. Both times he told the female dispatcher that he had really big muscles, and asked her if she was single.

Instead of continuing to answer calls from Garcia’s number, the woman traced the call back to the park. When rangers answered, she asked if they had seen any drunken and / or foolish-looking people lately. Then, the dispatcher did what her job title says, and dispatched a cruiser with law-enforcing police officers in it.

It didn’t take long for the officers to find the mastermind’s tent. According to the report they later filed, Garcia had an open beer in his hand “and three more cold ones by his side.

When they attempted to arrest him for misuse of 911 and public intoxication, Garcia became belligerent. He told one of the two officers he wanted to both head butt and kill him (presumably in that order). Then, Garcia, living up to the very definition of “Florida man,” spat on the other officer.

He’s currently being held on charges of misusing 911 and, thanks to his last-minute spit, of assaulting an officer. Garcia’s bail is set at $2,500.


(Photo credits: Poses one and two via Flickr; mugshot via Lake County Sheriff’s Office)

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