MUG SHOT Flavor Flav arrested in Vegas

Rapper William Jonathan Drayton Jr. - aka Flavor Flav arrested in Vegas

The cops in Vegas weren’t feelin’ any flavor of love when they puller over rapper Flavor Flav on a routine traffic violation Friday night.

Flav, real name – the dude with the big clock necklace from Public Enemy, I mean William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., didn’t get rowdy during the stop or anything like that.  Our man simply had 4 outstanding warrants for other various automobile infractions including a parking violation, driving without proof of insurance and two cases of driving without a license.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you get arrested, then your mug shot gets circulated through the internet. Yeahhhhh Boyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee!  According to TMZ he was booked, posed for the above mug and was released shortly thereafter. 

Let this be a lesson. You can fight the power but you best have proof of insurance and a license when you do.