LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lacey says Shane isn’t Summer’s biological dad

Love After Lockup Lacey says Shane isn't her daughter Summer's dad

Former Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lacey Whitlow is making numerous headlines this week. After seemingly revealing that she has married her long-time on-again, off-again bae John, Lacey announced yesterday that she had a fire in her garage thanks to an uncleaned lint vent on her clothes dryer.

Thankfully, firemen were able to contain the blaze quickly and there was minimal damage to Lacey’s home. Lacey posted a video to Instagram moments ago that provided an update on the fire, but also a HUGE new bombshell!

“So, I just want to drop a little tea real quick and and let you guys know that I’m so happy that our garage fire isn’t so bad,” Lacey began innocently enough. Then things took a turn.

“And also, I wanted to let you guys know a little secret that no one else [knows] and that’s actually that my daughter Summer is not Shane’s biological daughter,” Lacey said. “He had to do a sperm test and he actually shoots blanks. So, we had to use a sperm donor.”

Lacey continues by saying “That’s why,” but her video cuts off.

It seems something must be going on between Lacey, John and Shane right now because John shared an Instagram post with a screen cap of an alleged text message conversation between Shane and Lacey:

Love After Lockup Shane and Lacey texts

“I can keep on,” John captioned the image, “but proof is going to keep on so let em know we good 👍 Two year protection orders don’t get granted by a judge for bs 💯.”

John also shared this screen capped Instagram comments conversation and blasted Shane in the caption:

In case you missed it, Lacey currently has a protective order against Shane. He was arrested in November for reportedly violating the order. I was unable to find any evidence that Shane is still in custody.

Here’s a brief recap from our post about Shane’s arrest:

Our readers may recall that Shane went missing late last year, and it was later revealed that he had been hospitalized due to mental health issues. Lacey invited Shane to come visit with their daughter Summer at Christmas, but when Shane arrived, he reportedly got into a verbal altercation with Lacey’s dad.

Shane and Lacey’s co-parenting relationship didn’t improve as he was kept from seeing their daughter after the Christmas incident. Shane launched a GoFundMe campaign in May in hopes of raising money to pay a lawyer to win back custody rights with Summer.

Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz was the first to break the news about Shane’s latest arrest, and she shared a video with a lot of background info on the protective order. (Video included [in previous post].) Mary says that Lacey got an order of protection against Shane “in the beginning of the summer” after she “basically told the judge that Shane threatened to put a shotgun up her coochie and she was afraid for her life.”

Are Lacey and John married?

In addition to the fire and the claim that Shane isn’t Summer’s biological dad, John stirred up marriage rumors with a post last week. Here’s the slideshow post:

“Beautiful Wife,” John wrote in the caption. Lacey is clearly showing off a ring(s) in one of the photos, but John’s ring finger doesn’t appear to be visible in any of them.

On the day after Christmas, Lacey shared a video gallery being quite intimate with John and she wrote this appreciative message:

Thank you @john_love_after_lockup for being my best friend, I love keeping us private because what we share is so special. They don’t know , but we know & we keeping on💪🏼 never never never give up. We saved each other. Thank you for being you. This life after lock up really is the #loveafterlockup that we deserved from the beginning. You know my heart ❤️ and it only beats for you … keep holding on that’s what we will always do🌻🌈🙏🏼Ily Big Head 🤓

It’s unclear if Lacey and John have officially tied the knot or not. One thing I was able to confirm is…

Lacey and Shane are divorced

According to Virginia court records, Lacey filed for divorce in April of last year. The divorce was finalized on June 3.

Shane has yet to publicly respond to Lacey’s paternity claims. Stay tuned!

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