LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Shane Whitlow arrested for violating protective order

Love After Lockup Lacey's ex-husband Shane Whitlow arrested again

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Shane Whitlow is back behind bars yet again.

According to jail records, Shane was booked in Virginia on October 31 and is currently being held without bond. Records also indicate that the arrest stemmed from an incident on October 15.

Our readers may recall that Shane went missing late last year, and it was later revealed that he had been hospitalized due to mental health issues. Lacey invited Shane to come visit with their daughter Summer at Christmas, but when Shane arrived, he reportedly got into a verbal altercation with Lacey’s dad.

Shane and Lacey’s co-parenting relationship didn’t improve as he was kept from seeing their daughter after the Christmas incident. Shane launched a GoFundMe campaign in May in hopes of raising money to pay a lawyer to win back custody rights with Summer.

Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz was the first to break the news about Shane’s latest arrest, and she shared a video with a lot of background info on the protective order. (Video included below.) Mary says that Lacey got an order of protection against Shane “in the beginning of the summer” after she “basically told the judge that Shane threatened to put a shotgun up her coochie and she was afraid for her life.”

Shane has been staying out of trouble all summer and earning money from endeavors like his OnlyFans account. That trouble-free streak ended last month.

“Apparently, on October 15th, Shane — according to Lacey — sent her a message, called her, something that violated the protection order,” Mary reveals. “So Lacy called the police.”

Here’s the full video from Mary with all the details:

We will continue to monitor Shane’s case and will share any major updates. Meanwhile, we have updated our Love After Lockup Season 3 Inmate Chart to reflect the fact that Shane is currently behind bars. We’ve also added Big Daddy “Chon” to the chart as well!

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