ADDICTED TO MARRIAGE Monette is about to get married for the 12th time

On TLC’s Addicted to Marriage, 52-year-sold Monette has so many husbands that it’s hard for her family members to recall all their names. It’s also difficult for Monette to attach much significance to each one. In total, Monette has been married 11 different times to 9 different men, and she’s about to head into marriage number 12.

Monette, who lives in Hurricane, UT, says she has been “boy-crazy” since she was 2 years old, when she had her first crush. She also recalls fantasizing about marrying her older brothers’ friends. Monette says she is “in love with love.

She has always thought she was supposed to have another husband in the “movie” of her life, so if one husband didn’t work out, she just needed to “find another actor.”

Her family has struggled to keep up with Monette’s prolific love life. The names Monette’s daughter and sister could remember were Ken, Bob, Jeff, Jerry, Bruce, Steve, Jason, Kevin, but it’s not clear what order Monette married these men.

Monette went through an ultra-quick and vague rundown of her husbands, but she did not mention many details like their names, length of marriage, or why they ended.

1. Monette knew her first husband in high school. One day she told her sister she was going to marry him, and she ended up marrying him two months later. She later revealed that she was married for 10 years in this marriage, and she had gotten married 6 days after her high school graduation.

2-3. She said she had a lot of fun with her second husband. They got divorced and then married again, so she counts this as marriages 2 and 3.

4. Husband number 4 had children that Monette loved.

5. Number 5 was one of the loves of Monette’s life.

6-7. She says she married number 6 because he seemed “so nice and kind.” She also married him twice, so he’s number 7 as well.

8. She met number 8 online and then got married in Vegas one week later.

9. Number 9 was a charismatic guy, but she considers him to be the type of guy “you shouldn’t be attracted to, but you ar.”

10. She knew number 10 in elementary school. He’s a good person, but she feels like they should have stayed friends.

11. Number 11, “I’m not even going there with that one. There’s nothing to say.”

Along with being married almost a dozen times, Monette has been proposed to at least 28 times. She says she’s never gone into a marriage expecting to get divorced. Every time she wanted the man to be “the one” for her.

She claims for ther 12th time, however, things will be different. “So my whole life I’ve spent trying to force these men to live up to this elusive soul mate in my head. Now I don’t need to look for that anymore,” she says.

Monette met her new fiancé, 57-year-old John, online. He’s only been married twice before, and after three days he knew that he loved her. They’ve taken things kind of slow for Monette. They’ve been together for a little over two years and haven’t gotten married yet.

Monette says she felt an “amazing feeling” when she was kissing John that made her feel like he was the one. John was surprised to hear that Monette has been married 11 times, but it doesn’t matter to her because he loves her.

Monette’s daughter Mercedes recalls Monette always being more of a friend than a mother, and Monette relies on her daughter’s advice because she thinks more logically instead of emotionally like Monette.

Mercedes says she has called most of her step-dads “Dad,” and has written down a list of her mother’s marriages in her journal with dates so she can keep track of them all.

She says she doesn’t hold resentment, but all the different marriages were very stressful for her.

Monette’s Mormon faith has largely contributed to Monette’s decision to marry so many times because she didn’t believe it was right to have sex before marriage. Therefore, every time she wanted to get intimate with a boyfriend, she decided that they would have to get married or break up.

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