Love After Lockup extended preview with Johnna, Garrett, Lizzie and Scott

Lizzie and Scott from Love After Lockup

WE tv’s new prison romance reality series Love After Lockup premieres this Friday, and now we have the first extended preview in the form of the the first 10 minutes of the premiere episode!

In the clip we get to meet Johnna and her prison beau (aka #hotfelon) Garrett the day before he is scheduled to be released. Johnna and Garrett both seem REALLY excited (Garrett in one way in particular), but Johnna’s dad’s mood is a bit less enthusiastic.

Love After Lockup Johnna and her dad

Meanwhile, truck driver Scott has put his heart on the line for lascivious Lizzie, who openly admits that she has used her woo pitchin’ skills to con numerous men out of their money.

Here’s the clip — the actual episode starts at the 2:15 mark:

In case you missed it, we profiled both couples featured in the clip with multiple posts each. For Lizzie, we revealed that she was a viral internet sensation thanks to her flirty mug shot photo and the fact that she was accused of offering the arresting officers in her fifth DUI sexual favors and $10,000 to let her go! The ploy didn’t work, and Lizzie was actually arrested for her sixth DUI before her court hearing. We also shared a post about Lizzie’s online fundraising efforts that included lots of risque prison chic pics in which Lizzie does the best to show off what God (and a surgeon?) gave her wearing what the state gave her.

For Johnna and Garrett, we helped clarify the real story of how they met, which wasn’t after he was imprisoned, as implied in the preview trailer and the clip above, but actually WAY before that. In addition, we collected lots of Garrett’s sure-to-be infamous sexy mug shot photos in a gallery — and tossed in Johnna’s mug shot photo for good measure.

From the episode synopsis, it appears that we will also get to meet single Mormon mom (and reality show veteran) Andrea and her convicted ex-rapper convict fiance Lamar as well as James and his easy-on-the-eyes former addict fiancee Alla. I assume fans will have to wait for future episodes to meet Angela and Tony as well as Mary and Dominic.

Love After Lockup premieres Friday, January 12 at 10/9c on WE tv!

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