LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Clint Brady’s ex-wife Haily has arrest history too

On the Season 2 premiere of Love After Lockup, Clint Brady reveals to his boss and ex-wife Haily that he plans on getting married to a female convict named Tracie the day after her release, even though the two have never met in person. “When he told me that she was in prison, I mean, of course my mind went wild,” Haily explained in a narration filmed later. “It’s crazy. It’s not normal,” she added.

But, it seems that Haily might want to unclutch her pearls a bit because she is no stranger to being behind bars herself! According to court and jail records, Haily has had numerous run-ins with the law with charges including fraud, passing bad checks, burglary, and running from the police.

In 2009, Haily enjoyed the hospitality of the Taylor County Jail in Abilene, Texas due to bad checks. It looks like Haily was booked twice, and served a little over three weeks after the second booking. Here are her two mug shots from Texas:

Haily would find herself in New Mexico — and in trouble again — in 2011. Court records indicate that Haily was charged with fraud in an amount over $2,300 in August of 2011. In December of that year, a warrant was issued for Haily’s arrest after she failed to appear for her court date, and the warrant was served in February of 2012. Haily entered a plea of not guilty and the case was dismissed in July of 2012.

In a previous post, we shared Clint’s crazy arrest story involving a Little Debbie trailer, drug paraphernalia, and multiple damaged storage units. But, it could very well be that Haily has him beat on crazy arrest stories!

A month prior to having her fraud case officially dismissed, Haily and a couple friends decided to participate in a good ol’ fashioned barn robbin’! According to local police, the would-be barn looters’ plan began to unravel when an officer spotted a suspicious looking vehicle parked near the barn. After noticing that the barn door appeared to have been pried open, the officer began to search the area — at which point he saw someone make a mad dash to the suspicious vehicle, before then tearing off and leaving the scene.

A high-speed chase ensued, with speeds reaching well over 100 mph. The vehicle eventually stopped in an alley, and the driver was taken into custody. BUT, two other people in the vehicle (including Haily) took off on foot and tried to hide in the back of a pickup truck. The tactic didn’t work and both were arrested.

Haily’s attempt to loot the barn and then hide from the police left her facing a whole slew of charges — with all of them but one being felonies:

Breaking and Entering (Felony)
Non-Residential Burglary (Felony)
Possession of Burglary Tools (Felony)
Aggravated Fleeing a Law Enforcement Officer (Felony)
Resisting, Evading or Obstructing an Officer (Refusal to Stop) (Misdemeanor)

It’s unclear what the three would-be thieves were trying to take from the barn.

In October of 2012, Haily would plead guilty to the charges of Breaking and Entering and Non-Residential Burglary, while the other three charges were dismissed. She was then booked and posed for this mug shot photo:

It appears as though Haily received a deferred sentence, however. There is a probation entry in June of 2013, and an order of dismissal in April of 2015 — at which point the charges were dismissed.

I will admit at this point that I might have been over-selling the craziness of Haily’ arrest story — at least in comparison to Clint’s. He certainly reins supreme and will forever hold bragging rights in that co-parenting relationship! Well, maybe not forever necessarily.

While I was snooping around in the virtual court records depository, I found out that Haily and Clint were married in February of 2002 and their divorce was finalized in June of 2004. Haily later remarried in April of 2014, but was divorced again as of April of this year. If you’re like me, then you are probably wondering if perhaps Clint and Haily aren’t on a collision course for reconciliation — especially considering what we know about Clint and Tracie’s difficult road ahead.

A reconciliation does not look like it’s in the cards, however, because Haily has been in a relationship with a man since at least August of 2017.

I am really curious to see just how much of Clint and Haily’s past run-ins with the law will be revealed on the show this season! Of course, the only way to find out is to tune in to new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv. 😉

Something else I am curious to see? LOTS more of Haily’s “I’d like to speak to your manager” hairdo! ?

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