LHHNY New Mendeecees Harris baby mama update involves Samantha Wallace sex photo blackmail

Mendeecees Harris baby mama update 3

LHHNY Season 7 is still young, but the latest Mendeecees Harris baby mama update suggests that things are going to get downright nasty very soon. It looks like Mendeecees’ mother Judy and sister Nefertari have decided to go in on Samantha Wallace, who’s been making a name for herself with her plot to bring down Yandy Smith-Harris by questiong Yandy’s parenting. In addition, Samantha Wallace might have let herself get photographed having sex for money–and those photos may be about to be released.

The trouble began when Samantha decided to keep she and Mendeecees’ son (name) from visiting his father in prison. The outcry–from both the Harris family and what seemed like a majority of LHHNY viewers–was loud enough that Samantha took to Instagram to defend herself:

That post so infuriated Nefertari that she couldn’t resist leaving a comment so long-winded and shade-filled that it doesn’t even fit in The Shade Room’s screen shot:

Additionally, Mendeecees’ mother Judy went in on Samantha, accusing her of rank hypocrisy. According to Judy, Samantha profited from Mendeecees’ career in drug trafficking, as he was committing his crimes while the two of them were still together, and it’s thus wrong for her to withhold their son from him now that he’s serving his time:

Finally, noted tea-sippers Fameolous appear to have the inside track on what may or may not be ammunition for the Harris family to use against Samantha: namely, some rather incriminating photos:

They're not playing with Mendeecees Harris baby mother Samantha Wallace ?

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As for the man himself, Mendeecees looks to be preparing for the worst:

Some of y'all feel it and some of y'all see it…it's going to be a real cold winter for some. ?

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Love & Hip Hop New York season 7 airs Monday nights on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Mendeecees Harris baby mama update via Instagram)

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