LHHATL Why won’t Kirk Frost take a paternity test?

Why won't Kirk Frost take a paternity test

By now, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta devotées are well aware that Kirk Frost is the father of baby Kannon. VH1 accidentally confirmed Kannon’s paternity weeks ahead of schedule, shortly after LHHATL Season 6 premiered. But Kirk has been the subject of numerous rumors regarding his alleged side chicks and affairs since late last year, and it’s clear that they’ve been eating away at his marriage to Rasheeda since then.

So why won’t Kirk Frost take a paternity test? Even if we didn’t already have confirmation about he and Kannon, Kirk has admitted that he had a fling with Kannon’s mother Jasmine Washington around the time that she became pregnant. Getting biological confirmation of their relationship wouldn’t make things any worse between Kirk and Rasheeda. Nonetheless, when Rasheeda confronted Kirk in a particularly frosty LHHATL scene, he was equal parts evasive and meek:

Kirk’s three explanations for his behavior break down as follows:

“I mean, that’s social media…that doesn’t mean you should let it bother you” (in response to Rasheeda claiming she can’t even “post a f*cking picture on Instagram” without hearing about Kirk’s extracurricular activities)
“At that moment in time, I feel like we was married on paper…there was nothing going on between me and you” (Kirk has offered this explanation before–earlier this season, he told Lil Scrappy that he stepped out on Rasheeda because she was cold in the bedroom and he couldn’t deal)
*shrug* (after he tells Rasheeda what he did was “a mistake” and she asks him what his plan is)

Then, when Rasheeda asks Kirk point-blank if he’ll take a paternity test, he gives another evasive answer: “[Jasmine] got a lot of sh!t going on–from what I’m hearing in the street, this is what she does for a living.” At which point Rasheeda, who suddenly looks very, very tired, tells Kirk to take the test and then set up another meeting with her.

Kirk is correct when he says, in a cut scene, that he and Rasheeda “got some real tough sh!t to get through,” though he makes it sound like the two of them have equal weights to carry. But taking a paternity test presents literally no downside for Kirk. If it comes back negative, he’ll look foolish for hemming and hawing instead of putting up a more vigorous fight to protect his marriage, but he won’t have been wrong to deny that he’s Kannon’s father.

And if it comes back positive, he won’t really be any worse off than he is now. Rasheeda might divorce him, but he may have done irreparable damage to his marriage already. He’ll have less explaining to do to his son once Kannon is old enough to understand things like pride and vanity. And Kirk’s already sizeable family will welcome another member. True, he’ll owe Jasmine the child support payments she’s been seeking in court–but the financial hit won’t sting as bad as the emotional ones, should Kirk continue to drag the process out.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 continues Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

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