LHHATL Joseline Hernandez continues to tease possible pregnancy, claims she’s filming a special for VH1

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Does Joseline Hernandez have a daughter? The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star continues to flaunt what might be a baby bump in social media photos, and has now gone so far as to say that she’s begun filming her very own pregnancy special for VH1. Meanwhile, Joseline continues to have her share of detractors, among them her estranged partner Stevie J.

Joseline’s been posting baby bump photos to her social media accounts for weeks; the first one raised eyebrows, but most LHHATL viewers seemed to think that the image was just a play for attention. A week or so later, though, Joseline followed up with a sonogram that she claimed was her own; since then, of course, she shocked fans by appearing to take a pregnancy test during the LHHATL Season 5 reunion special…and the test, in turn, appeared to come out positive. (Young Dro is the most recent rumored father of Joseline’s baby, click here for that report.)

Now, no less an authority than VH1 is alleging that Joseline is alleging that she’s gotten her own special, separate from any Love & Hip Hop business, which will focus on her pregnancy. Since the word “claims” is right there in the network’s own headline, it seems that VH1 is playing this whole story very close to the chest indeed. Either that, or their editorial aside–”Is this for VH1, Jos? We didn’t get the memo yet”–is totally genuine, in which case it’s likely that Joseline is talking out of her posterior.

Here’s the woman herself, making the statement for TMZ:

Of course, Stevie J is one LHHATL cast member who isn’t buying any of the stories about Joseline. He even went so far as to reveal, on a recent radio interview, what many viewers had long suspected: that he and Joseline Hernandez were never actually married. (The acrimony of their on- and off-screen split, though, looks about as real as can be.)

Despite all the speculation, one thing remains certain: we’re all still paying attention to this storyline, even though LHHATL‘s season ended a week ago. Shrewd move, person we know as Joseline Hernandez.

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