MUG SHOT High school chemistry teacher arrested for manufacture of illegal drugs

 Mug shot


It’s not quite New Mexico and it’s not quite blue meth, but a Texas chemistry teacher’s story is reminiscent of Walter White in more ways than one.

Haivan Bui, 29, of Houston, was arrested Friday on charges of intention to deliver or manufacture a controlled substance.And in Bui’s case, that substance was date rape drugs.

She had notes on the manufacture of date rape drugs in her backpack at the time of her arrest. Though those weren’t the cause of her arrest: police had already raided her home and found more recipes, marijuana, prescription drugs, and Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, a sedative used in the manufacture of date rape drugs.

And, yes, police found meth in her home, as well. Two ounces of it. No word on the color.

“Maybe they’re trying to be the new Breaking Bad,” said Phyllis Hannon, a neighbor of Bui’s. “He was a chemistry teacher on the show, too.”

Indeed, Phyllis Hannon. Indeed.

Bui’s husband, Chris Hartwell, was home at the time of the raid. He’s being charged with possession of  controlled substance, along with being a felon in possession of a firearm: a loaded shotgun police found in the house. That’s a no-no even in Texas.

Bui taught at both Oak Ridge High in Houston and Lone Star College in nearby Conroe. When she failed to appear for her last class at Oak Ridge, another teacher went into her classroom and told her students what had happened.

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