Kim Kardashian contour stick collection sold out immediately, but are YouTube beauty vloggers impressed?


Kim Kardashian reportedly made $14 million from the sold-out launch of her KKW Beauty line launch of her $48 crème contour kits (it’s honestly a bit surprising she didn’t name them “Krème Kontour Kits,” although that might have been a little too close to Krispy Kreme.) That’s pretty impressive, but are they worth the hype?

Kim, who has been known to have some epic contouring done on her face, invited a few beauty vloggers to her house to try out her kits before anyone else. This was a bit of a marketing risk, because the resulting reviews turned out to be quite mixed.

Many vloggers experienced the contour stick breaking off while using it. Tati, who wasn’t invited to Kim’s secret beauty house party, gives a warning about applying pressure to it.

There’s a lot of speculation floating around that Kim KW dissed blogger Jackie Aina by not tagging her in Instagram photos after Jackie uploaded an honest review of the product. It wasn’t a diss review, but did have some feedback about potential downsides for the product. She liked the smell, the color, and the end result, but wasn’t a fan of the tool, the application process, or the price point for the quantity of product in the kit.

Jeffree Star reviewed the product, and got a little defensive about the backlash in the comment section over his positive review.

“HEY EVERYONE… Every time I review Kylie or Kim K products, everyone gets so vicious. IT’S MAKEUP and these are MY THOUGHTS. Some of you don’t like the packaging… THAT’S OK. But I actually do like the nude minimal look. I’m a liar because I like something?? THAT’S NOT HOW LIFE WORKS lol I can like whatever I like. IF this wasn’t Kim’s product, I wouldn’t be getting all the angry people mad that I like a nude stick. It’s not that serious. We all have different experiences and that’s ok.”

Most reviews for the kit erred on the positive side, and Kim herself took to YouTube yesterday to show how she uses her kit to apply a full face of makeup in under 5 minutes. She doesn’t allow embed, but you can click here to watch it.


Love it or hate it, so far Kim’s contouring and highlighting kit is an undisputed success. She’ll no doubt be restocking and launching even more makeup products very soon.

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