Kim Kardashian before and after 90-minute contouring makeup routine

2017 Update! Kim K now has her very own line of contouring products.

Kim Kardashian may have gotten some work done, but part of her always flawless look is a 90 minute makeup contouring routine by a makeup artist, every single day.Whether or not Kim has a talent, her job does heavily require looking on point ALL THE TIME.

She shared this before and after photo (she didn’t show a photo of herself completely without makeup though, but that would be nice to truly see the difference. It seems like Kim is always wearing some kind of makeup, even when she does “natural” photoshoots.

This July Kim also made this contouring tutorial video with Harper’s Bazaar, where she applies makeup meant to match her skin tone on a very light skinned lady. It doesn’t turn out very well, but it’s entertaining nontheless. Kim also gave a tip about avoiding a double chin in a photograph: Jut you head out and down.

Here’s the finished project after Kim applied her contouring skills on the reporter:

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18 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian before and after 90-minute contouring makeup routine

  1. it must be nice having a lot of money from not working and being able to have someone apply makeup and do your hair everyday.

  2. Why is it necessary to contour your face every single day? Seems like the biggest waste of time just to make it look like you have cheekbones.

  3. Clearly, that is not th nose she was originally born with lol. Anybody can look at photos older than 2009 and can tell her face is very different looking now. Why cant she admit she chopped her face? I dont know about her but I do not have 90 minutes to sit and get makeup on everyday. Thats right.. Im in college, I work, and I have a 5 yr old to take care of. KIm on the other hand, biggest concerns are what high end spot is she gonna get free shit delivered from today to her mansion, what can she order from room service, and how many pics can she post of herself with the words “I” or “me” in them. I will be so glad when she disappears lik Paris and Nicole Ritchie did. Lets not forget Paris was the Kim of 2003-2007 and now look at her, she cant pay someone to take her pic or talk about her in relevancy.

    1. isn’t makeup part of her job? she models and does her tv show everyday. people in the public eye is what makes her money. i think youd be surprised how hard that family works.

  4. Can you imagine how much better off the world would be if she spent 90 minutes a day reading or utilizing actual brain cells?

  5. I can think of a million better things to do with those 90 minutes. Just goes to show how superficial they are.

  6. 90 minutes and she still looks that bad? wow.
    she needs to ditch the pulled tight pony tail look. her hair line is receding and it looks lazy.

  7. That is what makes her pictures on twitter so funny. She tweets bikini pictures that make it seem like they are just hanging out and enjoying their time together all while she has 90 lbs of makeup caked on her face. My question is how does Kayne feel about dating someone who looks like a completely different person when they go to sleep at night.

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