PHOTO – Lisa Rinna has new lips!

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 8.17.55 PM
Her upper lip is gone!

Lisa Rinna finally noticed that her bumpity upper lip has defined her over the last twenty years and unfortunately decided she didn’t like that. Last year she explained exactly what happened to her lips: she injected silicon in her lips on a foolish whim. These days a sudden lip injection mania will only last a few weeks, but Lisa’s lasted almost a quarter century.

In May 2009 she told The Today Show (via Yeeeah!):

“I went out and had silicone put in my top lip 23 years ago. Period, end of story. I had a small top lip, my girlfriend and I went and did it together [after seeing Barbara Hershey in “Beaches,”]… but what happens is, after years and years, you form some scar tissue.”

This August Lisa underwent a procedure to remove the scar tissue and smooth out her bumpy top lip. It was all filmed for her TVland reality show Harry Loves Lisa, and several months later she looks like a different woman!

Could I dare say I miss the lumpy upper lip? After twenty years, it had taken on a character of its own. People were inviting The Lip to events, and giving The Lip reality shows and book deals. She’ll fade into obscurity without The Lip.

Lisa and her hubby Harry Hamlin were photographed October 5 signing their two books at a NYC Borders. Lisa wrote a novel (which I suspect The Lip wrote) called Starlit (should have been Starlips), and Harry wrote a memoir called Full Frontal Nudity.

To add insult to the injury of Lisa’s banished lip, her Sherman Oaks boutique, Belle Gray, was burglarized late Monday night. She and Harry found out about it live on The Today Show Tuesday morning while they were promoting their new books and The Vanishing Lip.

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