TEEN MOM Jade Cline’s grandma Lori diagnosed with cancer, Jade starts GoFundMe campaign

As viewers of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant are well aware, star Jade Cline is very close to her grandmother Lori, who has been one of very few people that Jade can consistently turn to for advice and support. Needless to say, Jade was devastated to find out Lori was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month. Due to Lori’s mounting medical bills, Jade has launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising money to help her grandma cover the cost of her treatment so far, as well as her upcoming surgery next week.

“Attention Everyone,” Jade began her announcement on Instagram. “My family was informed this month that our beautiful grandmother has cancer.” Jade explains that Lori’s cancer was initially in her uterus, but it has since spread to her fallopian tubes.

“My grandma has accumulated thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and she still has a lot of surgeries and treatments to go,” Jade continues. “My grandma works at Denny’s and does not make nearly enough money to afford all of the medical bills she currently has nor for her further surgery expenses. Any amount helps.”

Jade provides a link to the GoFundMe campaign, which has a goal of $20,000. “I will also keep everyone updated on her condition, her surgery, and any spreading of her current cancer,” Jade assures her fans. “Her insta is @lori.jades_grammy Any uplifting prayers and messages help. She also has mumps right now as well.. she is the last person on earth that deserves this. I love you grandma! We are all here for you. ❤️”

Some of what Jade says on Instagram is iterated in the description for the GoFundMe campaign:

I have created this gofundme page for my grandmother’s medical bills. My grandma is one of the main support systems I have. She is very family oriented and always puts her family first. She is the last person I would have every thought to be diagnosed with cancer. The cancer is not only her uterus/uterus lining but spread into her fallopian tubes as well. My grandma works at Denny’s and doesn’t make nearly enough money to afford her upcoming surgeries and current medical bills. Our whole family is asking for funds to help my grandmother in this time of need. God bless. ❤️

After creating the campaign, Jade shared an update revealing that Lori will be having a surgical procedure next Friday. “My grandmother will be going into surgery on the ninth of this month to hopefully remove some of the cancer. Send prayers her way, I will be posting updates before and after the surgery.”

We certainly wish Lori all the best, and hope that her cancer treatment is successful. HERE IS THE GOFUNDME LINK one more time. You can also follow Jade on Instagram for updates.

UPDATE – Jade reveals that Lori’s surgery went great and she is now cancer free!

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