Kate Major is suing Jon Gosselin for fraud, loss of wages and breach of handwritten contract

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin's contract

Kate Major and Jon Gosselin did more than just shack up for a few passionate nights in Michael Lohan’s bachelor pad, they also did some serious business deals. The side-show reality pair scrawled out a handwritten contract that promised Kate Major a job as Jon’s personal assistant, and turn she would receive “a percentage of accounts for payment based upon involvement.” Kate in turn promised to not talk about their relationship, or give Jon any bad press. The document is written in a messy scrawl, and even has some words scribbled out.

I know Jon claims he’s “unsophisticated,” but since he’s worked in the IT industry you’d think he’d at least know how to type something up in Word. They could have even neatly rewritten the thing to be more legible, but I’m guessing they were going for the “business contract written on the back of a stained bar napkin after 12 rounds” kind of look.

Either way, it seems Jon really didn’t mean anything in the contract, and maybe he doesn’t even remember writing it (very possible), but Kate Major is treating it as a legally binding document, kind of like the one he signed with TLC.

This little ditty drawn-up (literally) just two days after Kate Major quit her job at Star Magazine. Kate must have really thought she was gonna ride off into the sunset with Jon and be his business partner as he signed lucrative deal after deal marketing douchey children’s clothing and being photgraphed holding Vitamin water. Unfortunately for her, Jon Gosselin will draw up a contract with a girl just to get (or stay a little longer) in her pants.

There’s not really a lot of cash available for Kate 2.0 to get from Jon Gosselin. He’s mostly been making money by orchestrating a media circus with main gal pal Hailey Glassman, but any funds he’s received from those interviews are in danger of going right into TLC pockets because he breached their contract too.

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