Jesse James to appear on ‘Nightline’, doesn’t want to be called “most hated man in America” in court

Jesse James is a busy man after being a “getting busy” man.  Two stories are coming out now on the infamous “guy who actually cheated on America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock.”  First off the Hitler saluting James is going to be on Nightline for a sit down interview with Vicki Mabrey Tuesday night.  Here is a tease from  the ABC presser:

Tuesday, in his first interview since Bullock filed for divorce, James tells ABC News’ “Nightline’s” Vicki Mabrey his side of the story and responds to the questions so many people have been wondering: Why did he throw away a seemingly perfect life and the perfect wife? What did he really go to rehab for? What role will he play in the life of Louis, the baby boy Bullock recently adopted?

ABC is probably going to get pretty decent ratings for that little chat.  I’m glad that the torch has been passed and Barbara Walters will not be the one setting the tattoo tears in motion.  I hope Vicki was up to the challenge.

Moving along with our JJ update is a little TMZ special in which court documents have been acquired in a current legal battle Jesse James is in.  He is being taken to court by a clothing company and James’ lawyers have submitted a list of evidence (or any mention of) that they would like the judge in the case to dismiss.  It is obvious that they do not want his personal life to become the focus.  Good move highly paid suits.  Here are a few items from that list:

Jesse’s sexual behavior
The phrase “most hated man in America” to describe Jesse
Bombshell McGee
Any mention of the word “nazi” or “nazis” to describe Jesse
Sandra Bullock
… and/or films or photographs of Sandra Bullock
The terms, “monster … skin head … racist… homophobe … prostitute … cheating … cheater”
Any allegation that Jesse engaged in acts involving “moral turpitude
Anything that has to do with adoption

They should have included this:

Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James caught twittering around with Michelle Bombshell McGee

Man it took forever to link to all of our previous posts on all the things Jesse James doesn’t want mentioned in court (and I didn’t even scratch the surface).  I guess we won’t be asked to be an expert witness anytime soon for the defense.  I thought it would be hard to summon up exactly how bad Jesse James’ situation is but that list does a pretty darn good job don’t you think?

The interview on Nightline should be a doozy.   Hopefully it will  include all the things that Jesse James is trying to keep hidden from his trial.