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STREET OUTLAWS Kye Kelley denies being racist after Rickey Toney & Smoke falling out

Street Outlaws: New Orleans racer Kye Kelley is defending himself against claims that he is a racist after he "deleted a few people out of [his] circle" that weren't white. Kye points out in a recent Facebook post: "My best friend is a black guy" but that doesn't matter because "it's 2017 and some people still act like a certain race owes them something!!!" Keep reading for Kye's full statement as well as the war of words between Kye and Rickey Toney in the comments section!

STREET OUTLAWS Brian Davis unveils Seed of Chucky race car

More than seven months after totaling his previous race car in a terrifying crash with Street Outlaws co-star Justin "Big Chief Shearer, Brian "Chucky" Davis has finally unveiled his replacement racer, which he has named "Seed of Chucky." Keep reading for photos and specs on Brian's new non-Mustang whip straight from him, including when he hopes to have it ready to race!

STREET OUTLAWS David Bird Jones’ Camaro stolen from hotel parking lot

David "Bird" Jones, a frequent racer on Discovery's popular Street Outlaws reality show, got out-outlawed this weekend as someone stole his 1967 Chevy Camaro race car, the 36-foot trailer it was on, and the Ford F-250 truck the trailer was hitched to from a Comfort Inn parking lot in Texas early Sunday morning. Keep reading for all the details, including David's $13,500 reward for getting his more than $100,000 worth of stuff back.

VIDEO Farmtruck calls out Street Outlaws: New Orleans

Street Outlaws: New Orleans is doing its best to hang with the original Street Outlaws from the 405. While they're doing okay coming off the line in the ratings, Kye Kelley and his boys have been getting a lot of blow back from loyal fans of the original Discovery hit show. Sean "Farmtruck" Whitley, one of the most popular grudge racers from Street Outlaws, hit the switches today to further ignite a little reality TV sibling rivalry as he called out the NOLA crew for "missing something."

STREET OUTLAWS Big Chief unveils new car Crowmod, Daddy Dave unveils Goliath 2.0

Ever since their recent accidents totaled their former custom racers, Street Outlaws stars Justin "Big Chief" Shearer and "Daddy Dave" Comstock have been teasing their new rides–and, earlier today, both were revealed at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. Keep reading to see videos and photos of each! WARNING! If you are of the belief that cars can be too sexy, these are a little NSFWish. ;)

STREET OUTLAWS Big Chief, Daddy Dave unveiling new cars at PRI later this month

It's been a bad few months for stars of Discovery's Street Outlaws reality series: three of the show's stars and their custom cars have been involved in serious racing accidents. While all three drivers (Justin "Big Chief" Shearer, "Daddy Dave" Comstock, and Brian "Chucky Davis") have almost completely recovered from their accidents, the same cannot be said for their rides -- all three of which were totaled. Big Chief and Daddy Dave have been teasing their new cars for weeks now, and fans will finally get to see the finished products before the end of the month! Keep reading for all the details.