True Tori

Shannen Doherty opens about her former co-star Tori Spelling, ‘my heart breaks a little bit for her’

Since a new season of True Tori isn’t currently airing, we haven’t heard much about Tori Spelling and her tumultuous marriage to husband Dean McDermott. But, Shannen Doherty was recently a guest on The Meredith Vieira Show and opened up about her thoughts on Tori putting it all out there for the world to see.

Tori Spelling reads with live praying mantis on her eye on True Tori

The always-jaw-droppingly-amazing True Tori did not disappoint with this week’s episode which featured Tori Spelling reading about praying mantis symbolism while a live praying mantis crawled on her eye as well as Dean McDermott’s thoughts on Tori’s potential “pancake t*tties” should she elect to have her breast implants removed due to health concerns.

EXCLUSIVE How much does Tori Spelling pay for her 127 storage vaults?

On last week’s episode of True Tori, show star Tori Spelling revealed she has a bit of a hoarding problem and that she is paying for storage on 127 vaults of stuff — some of which has been in storage since the 1990s. “What I’m paying in storage is seriously a mortgage,” Tori said, which was an extremely frustrating realization for her because she desperately wants a larger house. So how much is Tori actually paying for storage? We contacted the storage company she uses to find out!